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Two Plays: The Texture of Laughter & Playtime with the Millions - Raheem Hughes

Book Cover Provided by Recently, I discovered that a friend (Raheem Hughes) published a book. This wasn’t just any book though. My friend is a playwright, which is fantastic in itself,  but he is also a fan of sociology and psychology. So , of course, without hesitation, I bought his book and read it. I think you should too. Raheem’s book consists of two scripts: Texture of Laughter and Playtime with the Millions . Texture of Laughter is a children’s play that is beautifully done . It teaches children not to judge people by first impressions, and to question what they don’t understand. Mother Night sends her protagonists (Second, Minute, and Hour) out to battle against their counterparts ( Dnoces , Teunim , Etunim , and Rouh). During these battles the protagonists learn the importance of honesty, kindness, and bravery. They fight these battles of the mind in order  to save Father Day because without him their little family is seemingly broken , but with a twist M