Two Plays: The Texture of Laughter & Playtime with the Millions - Raheem Hughes

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Recently, I discovered that a friend (Raheem Hughes) published a book. This wasn’t just any book though. My friend is a playwright, which is fantastic in itself, but he is also a fan of sociology and psychology. So, of course, without hesitation, I bought his book and read it. I think you should too.
Raheem’s book consists of two scripts: Texture of Laughter and Playtime with the Millions. Texture of Laughter is a children’s play that is beautifully done. It teaches children not to judge people by first impressions, and to question what they don’t understand. Mother Night sends her protagonists (Second, Minute, and Hour) out to battle against their counterparts (Dnoces, Teunim, Etunim, and Rouh). During these battles the protagonists learn the importance of honesty, kindness, and bravery. They fight these battles of the mind in order to save Father Day because without him their little family is seemingly broken, but with a twist Minute learns something more powerful than anything the battles of the mind could teach him. He learns the power of love. This is a beautiful story, which I definitely recommend becomes an everyday bedtime story. There is value and beauty to this play. Definitely read it.
Now, Playtime with the Millions is not for children, and it is definitely not for the faint of heart. This story goes into the traumatized mind of a 24-year-old man named Stanley. Before I get too far into this review I just want to let you guys know that Stanley is an amazing character. I felt for him, loved him, and wanted to wrap him in a cocoon to protect his beautiful vulnerability; however, that is not the kind of story Raheem intended Stanley to have. This is like a very well written/dramatized train wreck. It’s so beautiful yet disturbing that you physically cannot look away until you know what happened. His ending, alone, makes this story worth the read. Stanley lets his sister move in with him after her break-up, and things go downhill from there. Stanley is agoraphobic and (the way I saw it) the more his sister took over the house the more he lost his own space. This forced poor Stanley into a part of his mind that was not pretty, but Raheem’s writing/storytelling leads the reader into this mind set almost seamlessly. I was pumping the break trying to wrap my head around the whole thing right up until the last line. I don’t want to talk too much about Playtime with the Millions because there are so many moving parts to this play that I could easily spoil everything for you, but I won’t. You need to read this story because it will make you stop and reconsider psychological trauma from a social standpoint that makes so much sense, but it will blow your mind.
I’m including the link and the Amazon ‘about this book’ section. Seriously, check it out. You won’t regret it.
"In Texture of Laughter we join our heroes Second, Minute, and Hour on their quest to save Father Day from the evil Knights of Annoyance while Mother Night and Princess Twilight aid our adventurers on their journey against the evil Knights Dnoces, Teunim, Etunim, and Rouh. What would you do for wealth? Power? Love?
In Playtime with the Millions we find out how far Stanley and Erica Millions are willing to go in order to keep their family afloat. After their dark secret is revealed we found out just how far they will go to keep it all under wraps." - Amazon Book Summary

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