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Fairfield County Ambulance Service (Dementia Pt. 1)

Dementia is the absolute worst. Now partner Dementia with Lewybody's syndrome and you officially have a nightmare. Sprinkle a little Parkinson's into the mix, and you cannot imagine the hell it is unless you are a caregiver. I help take care of my maternal grandfather, Jerry. Now, side note, this man helped raise me. When my mother was divorcing my father we had nowhere to go, but Jerry and my grandmother took us in and made sure I was alotted just as many opportunities to be a normal, successful, kid. Just like everyone else. Without these people, I'd probably be dead, or worse; ignorant with no hopes of education. I used to, on a part-time basis, help take care of Jerry until I got laid off from my job; now, I'm a full-time caregiver alongside my grandmother (until I find employment) and my mother is our part-time caregiver. So I'm writing this blog to give a shout out to the wonderful men and women who have come to help us out of bad situations this yea