Fairfield County Ambulance Service (Dementia Pt. 1)

Dementia is the absolute worst. Now partner Dementia with Lewybody's syndrome and you officially have a nightmare. Sprinkle a little Parkinson's into the mix, and you cannot imagine the hell it is unless you are a caregiver.

I help take care of my maternal grandfather, Jerry. Now, side note, this man helped raise me. When my mother was divorcing my father we had nowhere to go, but Jerry and my grandmother took us in and made sure I was alotted just as many opportunities to be a normal, successful, kid. Just like everyone else. Without these people, I'd probably be dead, or worse; ignorant with no hopes of education.

I used to, on a part-time basis, help take care of Jerry until I got laid off from my job; now, I'm a full-time caregiver alongside my grandmother (until I find employment) and my mother is our part-time caregiver.

So I'm writing this blog to give a shout out to the wonderful men and women who have come to help us out of bad situations this year. I've called them at least twice now, my mom has called once or twice as well.

Each time we've called, Jerry has had a severe UTI. Once he got diagnosed with rhabdomyolysis. He is considered a high-risk patient because of his falls. He has been in the hospital 3 times this year (including a stint in the ICU). We are trying to keep him home because (bless his heart) he cries every time he has to go to the hospital. It's seriously bad. Even the ambulance people feel guilty for taking him. 

I've explained to him that we have only one rule in this house to follow. I'm afraid to give him more than that because it'll go downhill pretty quickly. Sort of like that walker he has when I wasn't looking in the parking lot the other day. Our rule is If you can't walk on your own (with/without the walker) then you have to go to the hospital. We've also added the rule If you fall down in the floor and I can't get you up, we have to call someone.

It's been a pretty rough time, but the men and women at the local Ambulance service made it bearable. So, thank you, guys.


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  2. Thank you for reading! I appreciate you for taking the time to comment.

    I will keep iHomcare in mind next time I need an assist. So far, thank goodness, he has slowed down on falling around so much. I really need to post an update about it.

    Thanks again,
    --Nikki Rich

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